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Straps for Apple Watch

Everystrap stock a wide range of casual and luxury straps designed to fit Apple Watches in a range of colours and styles. Crafted from premium materials and constructed with care, our Straps allow you to get more daily use out of your smartwatch, allowing you to match it to your outfit. 

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Milanese Straps for Apple Watch

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Quality Made Affordable

At Everystrap, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers premium Straps for Apple Watch for a fraction of the usual retail price. We manage to do this whilst maintaining quality, our straps are made from premium silicone and stainless steel, meaning they don’t rub off, fade or break easily.

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Sport Straps for Apple Watch

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Grey Sport Strap for Apple WatchGrey Sport Strap for Apple Watch
White Sport Strap for Apple WatchWhite Sport Strap for Apple Watch
Black Sport Strap for Apple WatchBlack Sport Strap for Apple Watch
Pink Sport Strap for Apple WatchPink Sport Strap for Apple Watch

A Range Of Styles and Colours

Whether the boardroom or in the gym, Everystrap stock styles to suit your lifestyle. Our Sport Straps are ideal for those on the move, or looking for a casual daily wearer. Crafted with a quality silicone rubber, our low-key sport straps come in 5 colour options. If you’re looking to dress your strap up with a luxury option, our Milanese Straps and Metal Straps are perfect for you, crafted from a quality stainless steel and an adjustable buckle, these styles are reminiscent of the classic Swiss brand names we know and love.

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Apple Watch Metal Straps

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Black Metal Strap for Apple WatchBlack Metal Strap for Apple Watch
Silver Metal Strap for Apple WatchSilver Metal Strap for Apple Watch
Pink Metal Strap for Apple WatchPink Metal Strap for Apple Watch
Gold Metal Strap for Apple WatchGold Metal Strap for Apple Watch

Compatible With All Apple Watches

Our Straps specially designed for Apple Watches are compatible with all Apple Watch series’ (Series 1-6). All styles and colours come in 38mm-40mm and 42mm-44mm, to ensure they fit your watch face. Apple Watch straps can be swapped out easily in a matter of seconds, and do not require any tools.

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