Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch

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Forged from premium stainless steel, the Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch is our most premium strap option. Boasting a similar strap style to that of a premium Swiss watch brand, this strap allows you to dress your smartwatch up with an elegant and heavy look.


One of our most colour designs, the Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch pairs well with any watch face colour, as well as any outfit. It’s colourful style makes it perfect for daily wear, or even to pair with formalwear.


Material: Stainless Steel

Clasp type: Butterfly

Size options: One size

Additional: Adjuster tool


Despite its heavy appearance, the Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch is incredibly comfortable. Our focus on quality materials ensures the strap does not pinch the skin or pull on clothes, meaning it can be paired with your favourite suit or dress for any occasion. This strap is not ideal for those wanting to use their watch for activity, for which we would recommend the Sport Strap.


Our Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch gives you the look, feel and weight you’d expect from a high end watch brand, with all the convenience of a smartwatch. Our straps are made of a premium quality stainless steel, that won’t fade or rub off. Every strap is inspected and quality assured by Everystrap to ensure straps are up to standard. The butterfly clasp is also carefully designed to ensure it doesn’t snap or bend. 


Unlike most other straps, the Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch uses a unique butterfly clasp, similar to that of an Oyster bracelet. Due to this, our straps come in one size, however every strap comes with a free tool to easily remove any extra links. 


The Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch is compatible with all Apple Smart Watches, from series 1 through to 6. Our strap comes in two size options, 38-40mm and 42-44mm, allowing your strap to fit your watch face. The Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch is easy to swap or remove, with the simple push of a button the strap will slide off. If you need some help in changing your strap, click here. All of our straps are tested before they leave our warehouse. 


The Gold Metal Strap for Apple Watch is not available from traditional retailers, but are often cheaper than our competitors. Our straps are not an official Apple Product, and Everystrap are in no way affiliated with Apple.

Apple Watch not included.

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