White Sport Strap for Apple Watch

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Designed for daily wear, the White Sport Strap for Apple Watch is perfect for anyone living an active lifestyle, or someone who wants a more casual look for their smartwatch. 


One of our most beloved designs, the White Sport Strap for Apple Watch pairs well with any watch face colour, as well as any outfit. It’s subtle style makes it perfect for daily wear, or to pair with formalwear. 


Material: Silicone Rubber

Clasp type: Steel clasp

Size options: Small to medium / medium to large


Our lightweight White Sport Strap for Apple Watch is made of a premium silicone rubber, meaning it fits seamlessly around your wrist without rubbing or pulling. Its lightweight material makes it ideal for people on the move, whether in the gym or on a run. 


Despite our competitive price, the White Sport Strap for Apple Watch is carefully designed and constructed using premium quality silicone rubber. Making not only the look, but the feel identical to other name-brand products. Every strap is inspected and quality assured by Everystrap to ensure straps are up to standard. Our buckle is constructed from a high quality stainless steel, ensuring it doesn’t snap or bend. 


The White Sport Strap for Apple Watch comes with an easy to use buckle, the same that you would find on most other watch straps. This allows you to easily adjust the tightness of your White Sport Strap for Apple Watch throughout the day, without the need for any tools or adjusters. Our straps come in two size options: Small to medium, or medium to large. However, the adjustable buckle makes it almost impossible to find a size that doesn’t fit.  

The White Sport Strap for Apple Watch is compatible with all Apple Smart Watches, from series 1 through to 6. Our strap comes in two size options, 38-40mm and 42-44mm, allowing your strap to fit your watch face. The White Sport Strap for Apple Watch is easy to swap or remove, with the simple push of a button the strap will slide off. All of our straps are tested before they leave our warehouse. 

 Apple Watch not included

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